Club Fundamentals

2018 marks the 34th anniversary of the Sylvan Lake Sailing Club (SLSC). In 1984, the club was formed to help Sylvan Lake’s sailors to enjoy the lake to the fullest. While a lot has changed since then, the overall spirit of the club remains enjoyment in sailing. Members take pleasure in the fellowship that the club has to offer, while improving their sailing skills.


The club’s current focus is to help members enjoy the sport of sailing through racing. Sail Races provide a wonderful opportunity to learn how to sail well at all points of wind. To do this, SLSC offers Wednesday night racing throughout the spring, summer and fall. Members can also participate in pursuit races, socials and regattas, such as the Commodore’s Cup, Memorial Cup and the End of Summer Hummer (“The Hummer”). 


All of this is done with the support of people gathering at meetings. The Club's Annual General Meeting is held in October of each year. There's a Spring Meeting in early May, the Executive meets monthly and, of course, there are sub-committee meetings, as well. Members are welcome and encouraged to attend any of these meetings.  

Goals of the SLSC

  1. Conduct an active racing program open to all racing sailors, with continual efforts to assist the racers in developing their skills
  2. Provide social events to members, consistent with their interests and with available resources
  3. Maintain an active membership within the limits of our marina’s capacity
  4. Actively encourage female sailors
  5. Actively encourage youth sailors   




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