SLSC Bylaws

The Sylvan Lake Sailing Club bylaws were amended on October 20, 2012. Download the bylaws from the link below to get full details on the overall organization of the club. 


Sylvan Lake Sailing Club Bylaws - amended Oct 20, 2012
SLSC Bylaws.pdf
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Marina Bay Rules

Marina Bay Homeowners Association leases 30 slips to the Sylvan Lake Sailing Club (SLSC) on a five-year lease basis. In order to ensure lease renewal and continuation of access to this facility, SLSC Members are expected to comply with the following:


  1. Members recognize that the Club is a guest user of the Marina Bay facilities and will conduct themselves with courtesy and decorum at all times.
  2. Members will ensure access to the dock area is restricted to members, members’ families and those guests or visitors accompanied by members.
  3. Members will refrain from parking directly in front of the clubhouse at all times, except for the purpose of loading and unloading vehicles.
  4. Members will adopt a “Pack it in, pack it out” policy, ensuring removal of all garbage and recyclables and will not overload the garbage receptacles.
  5. Members will ensure all halyards and lines are secured in a manner that prevents banging against the mast.
  6. Members will not sail through the marina channel when leaving or returning to the marina.


View the Marina Bay Homeowners Association Bylaws.




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